Analyst Coverage

(As of November 14, 2018, in alphabetical order with titles omitted)

Daiwa Securities MAKOTO UENO
Nomura Securities CHIKAI TANAKA * Not Rated.
  • * The lists above are based on the information available to the Company as of the publication and include only the information of those who have consented to being listed. Therefore, it should not be construed that the lists are complete lists of analysts, that the Company supports or sponsors any of these analysts, nor that the information is the latest.
    Analysts analyze and forecast performance, operation, products, technologies and other aspects of the Company based on their independent judgment. The Company is not involved in any part of this process.
    The lists are prepared solely for investors to provide information on analysts and their affiliation which analyze and forecast the business performance of the Company . These should not be construed as an offer to sell or for solicitation to buy shares of the Company.