Human Resource Development


The slogan, “Become a Professional Recognized by the Market,” best sums up the hope that ISID holds for each of its employees.

ISID believes that professionals are people who are recognized by the entire market, and held in high esteem even outside the Company. It thus provides employees with a number of opportunities to become professionals.

Programs are offered that support personal development, self-actualization, and personal transformation. Employees find that the work they do is worth doing professionally and, since they are treated with respect, they feel like professionals, and are able to choose their own career path.


ISID offers a wide range of career paths, depending on the role, skills, and areas of expertise that our business requires at any given time. Employees are required to consider and select the process by which they will develop themselves to shape their careers.

From Shaping to Building a Career

Training Structure

ISID provides maximum support to educate and so help people and organizations develop, in order to be a Group of top professionals.

All employees must hone their skills and develop them exponentially as team players if we are to realize the ISID corporate vision that we express in the concept of HUMANOLOGY for the future: Bringing people and technology together to shape the future.

While it is important to engage in many activities motivated by the desire for self-growth in order to develop one’s abilities, it is also necessary to acquire basic knowledge and skills through training. Thus ISID offers a variety of training programs to help each employee follow their own career path and become a professional with high market value.

ISID Training Structure

* Self-development opportunities, training for individual departments, and outside seminars are also provided.


2021 Training Programs

Training Provided Number of Participants
According to level
  • For those new to the job (management, business skills, finance)
  • For career formation
General skills
  • Business
  • Management strategy, finance
  • Marketing
  • English conversation
Technical skills Provided to participants in:
  • Technical qualification programs
  • Technical workshops

Recruitment initiatives