Social Contribution Activities


ISID endorses and supports activities that address various social issues. This is in accordance with Our Declaration of Conduct, which stipulates our business code of conduct from an ethical perspective, as well as the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, compiled by the Dentsu Group to which we belong. In order to help realize a sustainable society, we fulfill our role as a corporate citizen, as well as our social responsibilities.

UNESCO’s World Terakoya Movement: Kakisonji-hagaki Project

The UNESCO World Terakoya Movement has been sponsored since 1989 by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations of Japan. The movement provides venues where children and illiterate adults, who are unable to attend school, can learn to read and write.

Recognizing that literacy is key to communication, the ISID Group supports the movement and, together with 24 Dentsu Group companies, supports the Kakisonji-hagaki Project, which collects unused postcards, stamps, prepaid cards, and other items and converts them into donations in order to obtain funds for the support activities.

TABLE FOR TWO Initiatives

The ISID Group endorses the TABLE FOR TWO Program designed to eliminate global hunger and reduce health issues related to unhealthy eating. Since October 2010, the employee cafeteria* at the ISID Head Office had been providing healthy, nutritionally balanced menus to help improve lifestyle-related diseases.
In April 2012, we installed beverage vending machines at the ISID Head Office as part of the TABLE FOR TWO Program. Part of the proceeds are donated for the purchase of school lunches for children in developing countries.
ISID will continue to engage in social contribution through food, while promoting these activities to encourage more employees to participate.

  • * The cafeteria has been closed since the summer of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

World Food Programme (WFP)

The United Nations’ food aid agency, the WPF, is the world’s largest humanitarian aid organization.

ISID serves as a WFP point of contact for Japan’s private sector and supports the program’s activities by participating in a council set up by the Japan Association for the World Food Programme, an NPO responsible for financial cooperation and public relations efforts.

WFP United Nations World Food Programme

Support People’s Hope Japan Activities

To help people in developing countries who are trying to become independent and live healthy lives, the mission of the international NGO People’s Hope Japan is to empower the people of Asia by providing education on health and medical care, as well as medical and health support in disaster relief.

As a global medical volunteer, the NGO is primarily engaged in the following activities:

  • Supporting health education (doctors/nurses/technicians, students/villagers and others)
  • Helping provide medical supplies (equipment, medicine, other items)
  • Providing support during emergencies and disasters
  • Recommending health and medical policies

ISID, as a member of the NGO since 1998, endorses its activities.

People’s Hope Japan

Support PARANET Activities

neral Incorporated Association Para-Sports Development Network of Japan (PARANET) was established to support Para-Athletes. ISID, as a supporting member since 2021, endorses its activities.


Natural Disaster Emergency Support

ISID helps raise funds through a variety of aid groups in order to support people who have been affected by natural disasters.

PET Bottle Cap Collection Campaign

In July 2009, the ISID Head Office launched an annual PET bottle cap collection campaign. Volunteers collect and recycle used PET bottle caps, which are sold to recycling enterprises, thereby providing the money for poor children in Third World countries to receive vaccines.

The bottle caps are collected at Head Office and the vaccines are purchased and provided through the NPO Cap Savings Box Promotion Network and the NPO that goes by the name of Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s Children.

It is said that if 400 caps are incinerated, rather than recycled, they generate 3,150g of CO2. This initiative thus contributes to society by reducing CO2 emissions.

Cleanup Activities

In Tokyo’s Minato Ward, where the ISID Head Office is located, we take part in cleaning activities each spring and fall, together with other nearby companies. This not only helps protect the environment, but also helps the community by removing litter, such as empty cans and bottles, as well as cigarette butts, that passers-by drop on the sidewalk.

Social Contributions through Business

Introducing ISID Group efforts to contribute to society through business.