Fair Business Practices


The ISID Group strives to ensure compliance with the stipulations of Our Declaration of Conduct, which summarizes our code for the ethical conduct of business, and the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, compiled by the Dentsu Group, of which we are a member.

We thus seek to prevent bribery; respond to antisocial forces; raise awareness about, and provide education on, antitrust laws and subcontracting laws; provide relevant rules and regulations; as well as conduct transactions that are seen to be fair.

For more information on this promotion structure, see Ethics Compliance.

Policy Regarding Antisocial Forces

In accordance with the Basic Policy on the Rejection of Boryokudan (organized crime groups) and Other Antisocial Forces formulated by the Dentsu Group, ISID makes every effort to prevent relationships with antisocial forces and eliminate any that may exist.

Basic Policy on the Rejection of Boryokudan (Organized Crime Groups) and Other Antisocial Forces

According to the Basic Policy, each Dentsu Group company considers it its corporate social responsibility to maintain a resolute stance preventing and eliminating relationships with antisocial forces and groups that threaten social order and safety. Thus, as detailed below, ISlD maintains and complies with the Basic Policy on the Rejection of Boryokudan (Organized Crime Groups) and Other Antisocial Forces.

  • 1.We will sever any relationship with Boryokudan and other antisocial forces.
  • 2.We will resolutely oppose unwarranted demands from Boryokudan and other antisocial forces.
  • 3.We will not conduct transactions such as the provision of funds or favors to Boryokudan and other antisocial forces.
  • 4.We will make a systematic and an appropriate response to Boryokudan and other antisocial forces through the establishment of internal structures, as well as through cooperation with police, the National Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan, attorneys, and others.

Bribery and Corruption

The ISID Group always deals in good faith with business partners, including clients, conducting all transactions on the basis of fair play. The guidelines of Our Declaration of Conduct and the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct stipulate the prohibition of all forms of corruption, including bribery and money laundering. ISID seeks to ensure compliance with these requirements through in-house training, to increase employee awareness, and systems to facilitate whistleblowing.


The ISID Group complies with the Group Tax Mission Statement and Strategy established by the Dentsu Group, and maintains consistency with business strategies, business activities, corporate value, and social responsibility. Furthermore, by taking appropriate tax positions, we maintain and improve the value of the ISID Group while paying taxes at the appropriate time and place, and in the appropriate amount.

For information on the Group Tax Mission Statement and Strategy see below.

Approach to Procurement

In order to provide safe, secure, and high-quality products and services that are of value to our clients, ISID has formulated Partner Transaction Guidelines. According to these, we engage in open and fair transactions with outsourcers, suppliers, and other partners. Our contracts comply with the Subcontract Act, the Worker Dispatching Act, as well as relevant information security measures.

Procurement Policy

  • 1.ISID strives to provide a wide range of domestic and overseas suppliers with opportunities for fair competition, and to build mutual understanding and relationships of trust.
  • 2.We judge quality, price, delivery date, stable supply, as well as the procurement of competitive products and services that meet business needs, all based on the principle of economic rationality.
  • 3.We ensure that we contribute to society through the items we procure, thus reflecting our consideration for the environment and human rights, as we comply with relevant laws and social norms.

In a bid to protect the global environment, we have formulated Green Purchasing Guidelines. These require that priority be given to businesses striving to reduce environmental damage by using products and services that have a minimal footprint.

Green Purchasing


Items (general consumables, furniture and fixtures, etc.) purchased directly by ISID.

Purchasing Policy

When purchasing products and services, we adhere to the guidelines, obtain the necessary environmental information, and choose what has the least environmental impact.

We prioritize green purchasing for large amounts and for transactions likely to have a major environmental impact.