Questions Regarding Financial Performance and Accounts

Information on our most recent financial performance can be found the Financial Information page.

Our projected financial results can be found on the Financial Information page.

We recognize the return of profit to shareholders to be an important management issue, and while securing internal reserves to realize sustainable growth, will consistently pay an appropriate and stable dividend.

We will post the announcement date on the IR Calendar page as soon as the date is fixed.

Questions Regarding the Company

ISID has formulated the new ISID Group medium-term management plan “ISID Open Innovation 2018” a three-year plan launched in January 2016. The New Plan continues the principle of “joint value creation,” aiming to help resolve the issues faced by customers and society by creating new value through collaboration with various partners. We will undertake activities in line with the three basic policies of “Pursue competitive advantages,” “Develop new business fields,” and “Enhance human resources,” in an effort to further differentiate our services, and expand our earnings.

For more information, please see the ISID Group's "Medium-Term Management".

At ISID, every employee is recognized as a professional. Therefore, our educational system is designed to raise individual professionalism and at the same time create an organization that can maintain its high-level performance as a group of professionals. Basic principles include (1) providing education that will yield higher results as an organization; (2) cultivating professional personnel who can respond to increasingly sophisticated and varied market needs; and (3) offering a basic business ability curriculum during the educational period for younger employees. More specifically, we offer a wide-ranging and flexible curriculum that includes management courses by rank, practical curriculum taught by technical education experts, on-site acquisition of the professional skills and knowledge required by each division, and seminars for improving business skills aimed at strengthening basic business capabilities to nurture human resources,the key asset of our business.

Detailed descriptions of consolidated companies can be found in the Group Companies page within the Corporate Profile corner.

Since 1989, ISID has received continuous orders from our parent company Dentsu Inc., for construction and operation of internal information systems. Dentsu-related sales in fiscal year 2015(9months) were approximately ¥8 billion, (or 13.8% of total sales.) Dentsu is also an important business partner, and by combining its marketing know-how with ISID's IT expertise, we are developing several kinds of marketing solutions businesses that utilize the overall capabilities of the Dentsu Group.

Please use the request form to let us know which specific materials you require, and we will send them to you.

Questions Regarding Company Shares

We listed our shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on November 30, 2000.

Our securities code is 4812 and the stock is identified as "ISID."


  • * ISID adopted the minimum trading unit system in accordance with the revised Commercial Code that went into effect on October 1, 2001.