Corporate Disclosure Policy

ISID strives to provide timely information to shareholders and investors based on the principles of transparency, fairness and consistency. The Company offers accurate and speedy disclosure of information as defined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange's "The Rule Regarding the Timely Disclosure of Company Information of the Issuer of Listed Stocks" (enacted on September 1, 1999), as well as any critical information not covered under these rules. In addition, ISID actively discloses any information that is likely to assist investors in better understanding the Company.

Method of Disclosure

Information directly covered by the Timely Disclosure Rules will be immediately disclosed through the TDnet*. Other critical information not covered under the Timely Disclosure Rules will also be disclosed through the TDnet at any time. All information will be posted to our corporate Website immediately following the disclosure.

  • * The TDnet Online Registration System operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange

ISID will also provide timely disclosure of other information useful to understanding our company through our corporate Website.

Information posted on the Website for which the recipient of the information could possibly be regarded as a "Primary Information Recipient" under Insider Trading Rules will be clearly identified as such.

Quiet Period

ISID designates the period starting with the day after the end of the fiscal year to the date of the announcement of its financial results as a Quiet Period to prevent unauthorized disclosure of financial information and to ensure fairness. During this period, the Company will neither comment upon nor respond to queries concerning its financial results, and it appreciates shareholders' forbearance during this period.

However, should an apparent discrepancy between the financial results forecast attained during the Quiet Period and the announced financial results forecast exceed a reasonable difference as defined by the Timely Disclosure Rules, we will release a revised financial results forecast through the TDnet, press releases and our corporate Website.

  • * Note
    Information published within this Website is intended to assist understanding of the Company and is not presented for the purpose of soliciting investment. Investors are encouraged to exercise their own judgement in making investment decisions.