Respect for Human Rights


The ISID Group respects the inherent dignity and value of human beings within the Company as well as in relation to all people such as clients and business partners. Further, we believe that interpersonal understanding is born from mutual recognition, from which arise innovative and creative ideas.

Based on these concepts, we share Our Declaration of Conduct which summarizes our ethical code of conduct, and the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct compiled the Dentsu Group, of which we are a member. We seek to ensure that all employees are aware of human rights and behave accordingly within and outside the workplace.


Harassment Countermeasures

ISID regards preventing harassment as a priority. We regularly distribute questionnaires to all employees to ascertain the presence of bullying and act to prevent or curb it as soon as possible. This we do to ensure that ISID employees and all those associated with our business are not subject to discrimination in the workplace and are able to work to the best of their ability.

In addition, we provide relevant training. This includes e-learning programs, compliance caravans, and orientation for new employees. Training is tailored to individual employees’ needs and designed to raise their awareness of how to prevent harassment.

To resolve workplace problems, we have set up an Ethics Hotline for whistleblowers.

Toward Employee Awareness

Each year, human rights slogans are solicited from all staff within the Dentsu Group to raise awareness regarding Sustainability and human rights. We use this activity to give employees and their families a chance to learn about and discover new perspectives on social issues.

Protecting Personal Information

Click here for information on ISID’s Personal Information Protection Policy. (Japanese version only)