About Sustainability

Sustainability Policy

In accordance with the ISID Group's mission — “Acting with sincerity, we contribute to progress and harmony among our customers, consumers, and society by exploring the unlimited potential of technology.” — we aim to realize a sustainable society through the deployment and implementation of technology. To this end, we will:

  • Contribute to the preservation of our rich global environment and the creation of a sustainable society that ensures the well-being of all of its inhabitants
  • Respect human rights and diversity, while maintaining healthy and comfortable working environments
  • Set up a highly transparent governance system, applying it throughout the entire ISID Group

Scope of activities and guiding principles

  • The scope of the ISID Group’s sustainability-related activities shall cover its entire value chain
  • While appropriately disclosing information, we will engage in responsible dialogue with all stakeholders
  • We will provide education to all ISID Group employees to increase their engagement and promote the spread of our activities
  • Supported by appropriate supervision from our Board of Directors, we will build a strong sustainability promotion system through continuous improvement activities

Sustainability Promotion System

In January 2022, ISID Group established the Sustainability Promotion Council under the umbrella of related internal committees with the aim of comprehensively promoting sustainability-related initiatives.
In cooperation with related divisions and departments and committees under its umbrella, the Council reports to the Board of Directors on the content of decisions and monitoring of sustainability-related activity policies and important matters, as well as the approval and monitoring of plans for company-wide risk management activities. In principle, meetings are held three times a year, but the Company has established a system that enables flexible responses by having the members of the Management council and chaired by the President, CEO & COO.

Sustainability Promotion System


The following is a report of the 1st Sustainability Promotion Council.

The 1st meeting in 2022(February 2022)


  • 1.Participants shared the purpose of the newly established Sustainability Promotion Council.
  • 2.In 2022, we reported on identifying materiality and advancing initiatives based on TCFD recommendations.
  • 3.In addition to approving ISID's top-priority risk response plan for 2022, we also reported on the top-priority risk response plans for 2022 for ISID Group companies.
  • 4.The report presented the 2022 action plans of the committees under the Sustainability Promotion Council.

Initiative Areas of Focus

Environmental Initiatives
Employees and Society

See below for more about the ISID Group’s Corporate Philosophy, Our Declaration of Conduct, and the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct.

Initiatives within the Dentsu Group

ISID is represented on the Dentsu Group’s CSR Committee, which formulates and assesses members’ sustainability strategies with a focus on the year 2030.

By considering risk awareness and opportunities for resolving issues, based on the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Risks Report, the committee assesses the impact of the Group’s activities on society.

See below for information on Dentsu Group initiatives and Integrated Reports.

Relationship with Stakeholders

The ISID Group’s business-related activities are conducted bearing in mind the interests of all our stakeholders, including clients, shareholders, investors, business partners, and employees.

It is through ongoing communication with stakeholders that we are able to assist in resolving various societal issues, create value for society, and realize sustainable development, while at the same time promoting our areas of business.

ISID Group Clients Business Partners Communities Environment Shareholders and Investors Employees