Strategic Focuses

Global Network

As companies globalize they require partners who understand local markets to support their IT implementation at theiroverseas offices.

ISID has since its establishment supported the overseas expansion of many industry leaders in Japan from financial tomanufacturing domains by offering business applications through the GE’s international network. In 1986 we established abranch office in Europe, the first such overseas expansion as Japanese IT vendor. We now have overseas operations in fourregions (North America, Europe, China and South East Asia), allowing us to provide IT solutions tailored to the different legalregulations and business customs of each region with Japan-quality services and local support capabilities.

Whether for global IT system rollout projects directed by Japanese headquarters of customers or system implementationprojects carried out by overseas subsidiaries on their own, ISID offers a full service lineup to meet various local needs fromdiverse clients, including localization of clients’ in-house software packages, as well as customization of local solutions. We also make every endeavor to enhance our services by building mutually-beneficial partnership and taking M&A measures with local companies especially in the rapidly growing Chinese and other Asian markets.

Further, through our ties with the Dentsu overseas network, ISID provides IT solutions such as digital marketing and Customer Relations Management (CRM) that take advantage of the aggregate capabilities of the Dentsu Group.

IoT / Big Data

We are now at the beginning of an Internet of Things (IoT) era, in which all kinds of physical objects are connected to each other via the Internet. Many types of products and facilities are embedded with sensors and network connectivity while people are interconnected via social media, and the big data obtained from these sources has become important for every type of industry.

ISID set up a specialized organization in 2015 to accelerate its business development in these fields. Leveraging its competitive advantages in manufacturing and marketing, ISID is working to offer high-value-added services that utilize artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.

In manufacturing, for example, ISID supports companies to evolve into digital enterprises by utilizing “Industrial Big Data,” meaning the massive amounts of data generated in industrial activities such as product development, production, sales, and aftermarket. ISID is also offering intelligent maintenance solutions for predicting potential breakdowns and the remained life periods of equipment and systems with a high degree of accuracy, which was not possible to detect with previously methods. The company bolstered its capabilities in this business by forming a capital tie-up and business alliance with Preditronics Corp. in 2014.

“Intelligent maintenance solution”
predicting potential breakdowns and remained service life periods of equipment and systems

In marketing, ISID is drawing on the Dentsu Group’s marketing know-how and leading technologies to help customers with digital marketing by utilizing and analyzing big data. “Digital curation” system is that utilizes AI to recommend stores and products to match individual preferences based on vast numbers of comments obtained from the Internet. Meanwhile, ISID’s Data Intelligence Center in Singapore offers “social voice” analysis service in Southeast Asian countries.

In addition, ISID has collaborated with LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a member of the Rohm Group, to develop SynapSensor, a system for enabling sensor networks to be configured using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication technology. ISID is currently testing the system under various conditions, such as sensing the positions of human movements indoors, with the goal of commercializing SynapSensor as a new product that can contribute to accelerate the spread of IoT.

system for enabling sensor networks to be configured using BLE.

Innovation for 2020 & Beyond

The urban structure in Tokyo is set to undergo major changes, with large-scale infrastructure and urban redevelopment projects being planned in the lead-up to 2020. These developments are expected to involve not only Tokyo, but also enterprises and public entities throughout Japan, creating new business opportunities leading to sustainable growth. IT will be essential to realize these opportunities.

ISID is undertaking initiatives of applying cutting-edge technologies to community development and realizing proprietary video transmission technology.
We are also fostering collaboration in urban planning and entertainment categories with Dentsu, the exclusive marketing agency for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and its subsidiaries. Furthermore, we are working on the creation of new business

ISID endeavors to offer innovative services that Japan can be proud in the world. Through our efforts, we will leverage the power of IT to support the sustainable growth of Japan toward 2020 and beyond.

Demonstration Experiments Aimed to Create New Services

Community Development Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technologies

ISID is engaged in R&D into sensor and interaction technologies in the interest of configuring new relationships between cities and people. In 2013, we introduced “+fooop!”, the world’s first social city platform, at GRAND FRONT OSAKA. By utilizing it as the information platform to facilitate new interactions between the city and visitors, we are conducting demonstration experiments applying cutting-edge technology.
In 2015, we conducted a sport-themed demonstration experiment on urban development in the area around Osaki Station in Tokyo by using wearable devices and SNS.

This experiment aimed to create more enjoyable locale while continuing daily exercise.

Sport-themed demonstration Experiments using wearable devices

Real-time matching overseas visitors and volunteer guides

With the number of visitors to Japan expected to increase, we have begun developing ICT services to make tourism more convenient for overseas visitors. In 2015, we conducted the demonstration experiment for the real-time matching overseas visitors and volunteer guides by using the smartphone apps. We measured and gathered information about the number of users and time spent in target locations.

Through these efforts, we aim to create a structure that will help invigorating locales and regions.

Real-time matching of visitors to Japan and volunteer guides

Unique Technologies of Image Transmission

ISID has developed a proprietary video distribution platform, “potaVee,” using Wi-Fi multicast distribution technology. It is used as emergency information distribution systems in universities and municipalities as well as locations such as large-scale event venues, sports facilities and theaters for demonstration experiments. We have also developed “VIXT” with Dentsu, a multi-perspective video distribution solution that employs multiple video cameras shooting simultaneously and allows users to change their views freely.

With leading technologies related to video and communications, we aim to provide new video viewing experiences.

Technologies of
Image Transmission “VIXT”