Our Business

ISID Strengths

Advanced, Unique DNA Created by Dentsu and GE

Since the establishment of ISID as a joint venture between Dentsu and GE, ISID has grown as a group of exceptional IT experts, with cross-breeding ideas and creativity that is based on advanced information technologies. We work directly with top-ranked Japanese financial institutions and manufacturing companies to provide advanced IT solutions, in response to the changing business environment. Formed as a combination of companies with some of the world’s most distinctive features, ISID is imbued with a spirit of challenge as it takes on advanced business domains.

IT Professionals in Finance, Manufacturing, and Corporate Management

Our expertise encompasses:
・Algorithm trading systems that respond to increasingly high-speed, complicated financial trading markets
・Engineering processes that innovate manufacturing
・Management and human resource information platforms that are the foundation of corporate activities

The perspective of a specialist who knows more than the customer is indispensable for creating systems that support specialized operations. In each domain, we have professionals who know business and can engage with customers’ on their level. This is the strength of ISID.

Marketing & IT: Two Areas of Knowledge that Create Unlimited Value

Amid accelerating digital transformations in all aspects of corporate activities, ISID works with Dentsu Group companies to build new business models integrating corporate systems and digital marketing. The Dentsu Group is the only corporate group in the world with substantial strengths in both marketing and IT.

Developing New Businesses through Exhaustive Research and Development

We are engaged in research and development in a wide range of areas, and are always ready to see one step ahead of the customer and create new value that meets customer needs. We are accelerating the creation of new businesses focused on 2020 and beyond, applying the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, AI and robotics in a wide range of areas, including manufacturing, finance, regional invigoration and sports.

Global Market Creation: a Network of 13 locations in 8 Countries

We established our first overseas subsidiary in London in 1986 and, by 2000, we had spread to North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. As of Jun 2018, we have expanded our overseas subsidiary network to 13 locations in 8 countries. We provide IT solutions that conform to regulations and business customs that differ in each region with Japan-quality services and local promotion systems.


Since ISID establishment, we have supported Japanese financial institutions with technology solutions as they ventured into new business frontiers. Today, ISID is enhancing solutions to support globalization in the financial sector. We help build algorithmic trading systems to meet the demands of rapid and complex market trades, as well as transaction banking systems to assist companies with global cash management. In Japan, ISID provides regional financial institutions with IT solutions to support community-based financing. In the retail sector, by utilizing the expertise of the Dentsu Group, ISID offers IT solutions such as internet banking and contact center in combination with marketing services.

Our Offerings

Core Banking

ISID provides core banking systems for the overseas offices of Japanese financial institutions and transaction banking systems to support companies’ global commercial transactions and cash management, thereby providing business support for the globalization of companies and financial institutions. In the settlement category, we offer the Stream-R settlement management solution, which is compatible with the BOJ-NET RTGS. We also provide “SFX,” a file transfer service for reconciling Japanese government bond settlements.

Capital Market

We provide systems for complex financial products such as derivatives and involving financial engineering, as well as structures for algorithm trading and other advanced transaction types. Meanwhile, we offer risk management and collateral management systems in response to increasing market globalization and complexity, supporting the expansion of high-end business in the capital markets. ISID also engages in the construction of sophisticated online trading systems for individual traders.

Corporate Finance

ISID provides solutions that comprehensively support corporate finance operations. For regional financial institutions, we provide “BANK・R,” which provides integrated support for lending and marketing operations, and the “VCF Platform,” which supports financing involving intellectual property and movable assets. In the leasing sector, we provide “Lamp,” a mission critical system for the overseas operations of leasing companies, and support expansion of the leasing business in China and other Asian markets.

Retail Communication

ISID leverages the comprehensive capabilities of the Dentsu Group to help resolve issues of communication between financial institutions and consumers. For the introduction of Internet banking and contact centers, we help design the pathways that help consumers use financial services and offer promotional measures based on data analysis. Through combinations of IT and marketing, we offer financial services that are easy for consumers to use.

Efforts to FinTech

Early on, ISID recognized the wave of financial innovation sweeping around the world. Since 2012, we have boosted financial innovations in Japan by hosting the Financial Innovation Business Conference (FIBC), an event to spotlight innovative services in the financial sector. At this event, a number of advanced financial services, including unpublished services are introduced. Now, FIBC is recognized as “event that all new trends of FinTech both within and outside Japan appear.” We have started a full-scale investment and business support in FinTech startups from 2015. Furthermore, in partnership with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., and Dentsu Inc., we opened “FINOLAB” in 2016, an incubation center to support and accelerate the growth of FinTech startups. Through our various efforts for FinTech, we are working to invigorate financial innovation in Japan.


ISID has supported corporate the group management for long time. With our experience in building numerous systems in a variety of business sector and our knowledge gained through supporting the overseas expansion of Japanese firms ever since our establishment, we help our clients carry out “Global & Group Management” by providing comprehensive solutions, including consulting, IT services, and local support at overseas locations with our in-house developed software: 「STRAVIS」 for corporate consolidated accounting, and「POSITIVE」「STAFFBRAIN」 for human capital management.

Our Offerings

Group Management Solutions

In a broad range of areas, from non-consolidated corporate financial accounting to consolidated accounting and disclosure, group management administration and IFRS compliance, we offer comprehensive support for services related to strategic group management, spanning consulting, and system design / configuration. In addition to “STRAVIS,” a consolidated accounting system we have developed in-house, we offer the Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS) / Oracle Hyperion and other accounting solutions. We provide these solutions along with our original templates that support rapid introduction, thereby meeting the various needs for promoting the corporate group management.

HCM Solutions Human Capital Management

ISID has provided HCM solutions for more than 20 years, supporting the recruiting efforts of more than 2,000 large and medium-sized companies. “POSITIVE” and “STAFFBRAIN,” integrated human resource software developed in-house. We provide one-stop integrated solutions, such as consulting, system implementation, system operation and maintenance, outsourcing, and cloud services for customers’ needs.

ERP Solutions

We offer ERP packages to help manufacturing, media content and various sectors and industries achieve desired levels of efficiency and sophistication for the mission critical operation. These include global-standard core systems like “SAP® ERP” and “AMMIC®,” a Japanese multisite production and cost management system. We combine these with software and templates developed in-house to provide ERP solutions that achieve a balance between functionality and cost. For the media content industry, for example, we provide software developed in-house, such as proprietary templates and “Business SPECTRE,” a data leveraging solution; application management outsourcing (AMO) services; and global deployment support. In these ways, we provide one-stop solutions that range from consulting prior to ERP deployment to post-launch operations and maintenance.

Consulting Services

Rapid digitization compels companies to engage in conventional operational improvements and rationalization as well as strategic efforts focused on developments ensuring their future survival. We support business innovations that enable client companies to survive and thrive in age when digitization and business are inseparable. From planning conception to implementation and promotion, we provide services supporting business structure innovations using IoT and big data, smart factory and plant strategies, product planning and pricing strategies, sales and marketing strategies, core information strategies, IT governance and other areas.


ISID assists customers in establishing innovative engineering processes by offering a wide range of solutions covering all areas of engineering in the manufacturing sector. Along with leading-edge solutions for driving the next generation of manufacturing, our solutions help customers to create new business models including aftermarkets.

Our Offerings

Total Support for a Broad Spectrum of Engineering Processes

ISID provides solutions for supporting mission critical tasks in the manufacturing sector: grasping market needs, planning strategic products, design, manufacturing, maintenance services and analyses of product operations data. Through business partnerships with leading software development firms in every manufacturing system, ISID offers a comprehensive service menu of implementing and maintenance operation for such as CAD / CAM / CAE, product lifecycle management (PLM), service lifecycle management (SLM) and advanced data visual display tools. In addition, ISID provides services for setting up high-performance cloud computing environments that enable customers to handle large-scale analysis associated with fluid mechanics and one-dimensional computer-aided engineering (1D CAE).

Solutions for Optimizing Production Processes through the Advanced Integration of Design and Manufacturing

Recently it has become possible to collect and visually display production-related data in real time, including manufacturing processes of entire factories along with product quality, stock, and resources, through sophisticated linkages of measurement control systems and hardware. ISID is providing solutions for optimizing all manufacturing processes with advanced integration of computer simulations, and information and measurement data in manufacturing plants. ISID also proposes manufacturing operations management (MOM) methods incorporating its original know-how to help its customers set up next-generation production environments.

Original Solutions for Facilitating Progress in MBSE

Manufacturers of cutting-edge products that feature a high level of functionality and exceptional performance are applying Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methods, which accelerate product development process with frequent computer simulations by quantifying the models of the requirements of customers and the marketplace, the functions to fulfill such requirements, and the components to realize those functions. As a global pioneer in this field, ISID developed “iQUAVIS” as a tool for displaying planning and design processes visually. It has been adopted by automakers and major manufacturers in various industries, and has gained a strong reputation as a tool for facilitating MBSE. ISID offers MBSE with the comprehensive solutions including consulting on development processes and engineering services for testing and analysis.

Support for Value Creation in Services Based on IoT

Servitization, which involves selling products as services rather than simply as things, has been attracting attention in manufacturing as a means for differentiating products and boosting earnings. Developing new services by utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to understand the operational status of products and other data is now recognized as a key to competitiveness in manufacturing business in the future. ISID is helping customers create new business models with solutions that provide integrated support for SLM based on IoT platforms.


Amid the spread of social media, the deployment of IoT and the advance of AI, communications connecting corporations and consumers are becoming increasingly diversified and complex. Given these conditions, ISID and Dentsu Group provide solutions combining the high degree of marketing knowhow with the cutting-edge technology implementation capabilities to support corporate digital transformations in the marketing domain. In 2017, we collaborated with Dentsu Digital to establish Groupwide organization “Dentsu Digital Marketing Technology Center,” constructing a system for optimal planning and actualization, from initial planning to data analysis and the construction and operation of marketing systems.

Main Solution Offerings

“iPLAss,” an application platform proprietarily developed by ISID, aims to increase system development productivity in a variety of industries and domains. We provide the development framework, which enables non-programming system development and various business modules.

As the sales agent for salesforce.com Co., Ltd., we realize the quick construction of B to B to C wide-scale core business systems using “Force.com.” We provide a wide range of support for client business through the combination of various solutions, such as corporate group in-house SFA systems based on Sales Cloud and etc.

As a solutions partner of “Adobe Marketing Cloud” integrated digital marketing platform from Adobe Systems Incorporated, we provide solutions realizing optimal client experiences in the corporate digital marketing domain.

Case Study of Solution Offerings

Quick Construction of a Venue Entry/Exit Management System for the 42nd G7 Summit in Ise-Shima

The Dentsu Group was selected to oversee the operation of the 42nd G7 Summit in Ise-Shima held in 2016. ISID quickly constructed a venue entry/exit management system. “iPLAss” was used for the development management platform, providing careful management of information pertaining to everyone who entered and exited the venue as well as security functions preventing cyber-attacks, all of which contributed to the success of the summit.

Using Force.com to Construct an In-house Communications Portal Supporting JINS Global Expansion

We constructed an in-house portal facilitating efficient global communications for JINS Inc. We created a system enabling the head office and shops to acquire identical and accurate information by amassing the required information in one place using Force.com.


Strategic Focuses

As companies globalize they require partners who understand local markets to support their IT implementation at theiroverseas offices.

ISID has since its establishment supported the overseas expansion of many industry leaders in Japan from financial tomanufacturing domains by offering business applications through the GE’s international network. In 1986 we established abranch office in Europe, the first such overseas expansion as Japanese IT vendor. We now have overseas operations in fourregions (North America, Europe, China and South East Asia), allowing us to provide IT solutions tailored to the different legalregulations and business customs of each region with Japan-quality services and local support capabilities.

Whether for global IT system rollout projects directed by Japanese headquarters of customers or system implementationprojects carried out by overseas subsidiaries on their own, ISID offers a full service lineup to meet various local needs fromdiverse clients, including localization of clients’ in-house software packages, as well as customization of local solutions. We also make every endeavor to enhance our services by building mutually-beneficial partnership and taking M&A measures with local companies especially in the rapidly growing Chinese and other Asian markets.

Further, through our ties with the Dentsu overseas network, ISID provides IT solutions such as digital marketing and Customer Relations Management (CRM) that take advantage of the aggregate capabilities of the Dentsu Group.


We are now at the beginning of an Internet of Things (IoT) era, in which all kinds of physical objects are connected to each other via the Internet. Many types of products and facilities are embedded with sensors and network connectivity while people are interconnected via social media, and the big data obtained from these sources has become important for every type of industry.

ISID accelerate its business development in these fields. Leveraging its knowledge in financial business, manufacturing and marketing, ISID is working to offer high-value-added services that utilize big data, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and other advanced technologies.

Case Study of Our Solutions in IoT / Big Data

Predictive Failure Analysis Application Development

ISID provides “Intelligent Maintenance Solutions” that analyze massive amounts of operational monitoring data collected from sensors and other devices to accurately predict failures and data on remaining lifetime that were undetectable using conventional methods. In addition, we developed a predictive failure analysis application especially for industrial robots in conjunction with the Preditronics Corp., which possess cutting-edge analysis and prediction technologies.

Smart Building Control System Development

In collaboration with building equipment engineering and installation company DAI-DAN CO.,LTD., we developed and tested a smart building control system using IoT. Building users say keywords such as “cold” or “dark” into a smartphone equipped with an app, the system then determines their location and optimizes the temperature and brightness for the user. This system uses SynapSensor IoT infrastructure developed by ISID for positioning inside the facility and “back end as a service” (BaaS) FACERE provided by ISID for data collection and management in the cloud and the creation of mobile apps. ISID’s knowledge in the IoT area and cloud application construction know-how combined with DAI-DAN’s knowledge in building construction led to the realization of a building control system combining information and control systems.

Provision of CALC Large-Scale Data Analysis Services Utilizing AI

ISID provides the CALC large-scale data analysis service utilizing AI. CALC is an AI technology developed by Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc., which supports business policy decisions with highly accurate estimates of causal models created from large-scale and varied actual data used to understand current conditions. CALC clarifies the direct correlation of related factors in data that are difficult to estimate using conventional analysis methods, revealing the options available to management and facilitating more accurate decision-making.


The urban structure in Tokyo is set to undergo major changes, with large-scale infrastructure and urban redevelopment projects being planned in the lead-up to 2020. These developments are expected to involve not only Tokyo, but also enterprises and public entities throughout Japan, creating new business opportunities leading to sustainable growth. IT will be essential to realize these opportunities.

ISID is undertaking initiatives of applying cutting-edge technologies to community development and realizing proprietary video transmission technology. We are also fostering collaboration in urban planning and entertainment categories with Dentsu, the exclusive marketing agency for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and its subsidiaries. Furthermore, we are working on the creation of new business and accelerating the development of new services with numerous enterprises, research / educational institutions

ISID endeavors to offer innovative services that Japan can be proud in the world. Through our efforts, we will leverage the power of IT to support the sustainable growth of Japan toward 2020 and beyond.

Demonstration Experiments Aimed to Create New Services

Regional Revitalization Utilizing Blockchain

The ISID Open Innovation Laboratory is collaborating with Aya town, Miyazaki Prefecture, the leader in organic agriculture initiatives in Japan, to conduct a demonstration experiment in 2016 using Blockchain to verify the quality of organic farm products. We developed the system to record producing process such as planting, harvesting, use of fertilizer and agricultural chemicals, quality of soil and agricultural products on Blockchain. The experiment appeals this unique approach and the quality of agricultural products. Also it seeks to verify whether it is possible for this authentication system using Blockchain to influence consumer behavior and whether the system is not too complex to be operated by a local government.

Development of Advanced Video Distribution Technology

As a part of “contracted research and development aimed at realizing advanced video distribution services” engaged in by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in 2016, Dentsu and ISID conducted 4K@SHIBUYA, a high-definition 4K digital signage demonstration experiment in Shibuya, where attention is focused on redevelopment and inbound tourism. The content included video content unique to Shibuya, which offers a variety of attractive tourist destinations, events and shops. Live 4K video of professional basketball games by B.LEAGUE was broadcast. The purpose of this experiment is to examine the technology and infrastructure required for large-capacity distribution in line with the adoption of advanced video technologies as well as the ideal state of high-definition video content and video advertisements.

Supporting Smart Fisheries with Image Analysis Using AI

ISID has been engaged in applying the latest image analysis technologies in sports, manufacturing and a variety of other fields. Leveraging knowledge acquired up to now, we collaborated with the Sojitz Group to develop a system that automatically counts farmed tuna with image analysis using AI. We are promoting further research and development aimed at enhancing the accuracy and applicability of this system with the goal of resolving business issues in aquaculture fisheries.