Financial Solutions

Since ISID establishment, we have supported Japanese financial institutions with technology solutions as they ventured into new business frontiers.
Today, ISID is enhancing solutions to support globalization in the financial sector. We help build algorithmic trading systems to meet the demands of rapid and complex market trades, as well as transaction banking systems to assist companies with global cash management.
In Japan, ISID provides regional financial institutions with IT solutions to support community-based financing.
In the retail sector, by utilizing the expertise of the Dentsu Group, ISID offers IT solutions such as internet banking and contact center in combination with marketing services.

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Core Banking

ISID provides core banking systems for the overseas offices of Japanese financial institutions and transaction banking systems to support companies’ global commercial transactions and cash management, thereby providing business support for the globalization of companies and financial institutions. In the settlement category, we offer the Stream-R settlement management solution, which is compatible with the BOJ-NET RTGS. We also provide “SFX,” a file transfer service for reconciling Japanese government bond settlements.

Capital Market

We provide systems for complex financial products such as derivatives and involving financial engineering, as well as structures for algorithm trading and other advanced transaction types. Meanwhile, we offer risk management and collateral management systems in response to increasing market globalization and complexity, supporting the expansion of high-end business in the capital markets. ISID also engages in the construction of sophisticated online trading systems for individual traders.

Corporate Finance

ISID provides solutions that comprehensively support corporate finance operations. For regional financial institutions, we provide “BANK・R,” which provides integrated support for lending and marketing operations, and the “VCF Platform,” which supports financing involving intellectual property and movable assets. In the leasing sector, we provide “Lamp,” a mission critical system for the overseas operations of leasing companies, and support expansion of the leasing business in China and other Asian markets.

Retail Communication

ISID leverages the comprehensive capabilities of the Dentsu Group to help resolve issues of communication between financial institutions and consumers. For the introduction of Internet banking and contact centers, we help design the pathways that help consumers use financial services and offer promotional measures based on data analysis. Through combinations of IT and marketing, we offer financial services that are easy for consumers to use.

Efforts to FinTech

Early on, ISID recognized the wave of financial innovation sweeping around the world. Since 2012, we have boosted financial innovations in Japan by hosting the Financial Innovation Business Conference (FIBC), an event to spotlight innovative services in the financial sector. At this event, a number of advanced financial services, including unpublished services are introduced. Now, FIBC is recognized as “event that all new trends of FinTech in Japan appear”. We have started investing and supporting to FinTech startups from 2015. Furthermore, in partnership with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., and Dentsu Inc., we opened “FINOLAB” in 2016, an incubation center to support and accelerate the growth of FinTech startups. Through our various efforts for FinTech, we are working to invigorate financial innovation in Japan.

Business Solutions

ISID has supported corporate the group management for long time. With our experience in building numerous systems in a variety of business sector and our knowledge gained through supporting the overseas expansion of Japanese firms ever since our establishment, we help our clients carry out “Global & Group Management” by providing comprehensive solutions, including consulting, IT services, and local support at overseas locations with our in-house developed software: 「STRAVIS」 for corporate consolidated accounting, and「 POSITIVE」「 STAFFBRAIN」 for human capital management.

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Group Management Solutions

In a broad range of areas, from non-consolidated corporate financial accounting to consolidated accounting and disclosure, group management administration and IFRS compliance, we offer comprehensive support for services related to strategic group management, spanning consulting, and system design / configuration. In addition to “STRAVIS,” a consolidated accounting system we have developed in-house, we offer the Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS) / Oracle Hyperion and other accounting solutions. We provide these solutions along with our original templates that support rapid introduction, thereby meeting the various needs for promoting the corporate group management.

HCM Solutions Human Capital Management

ISID has provided HCM solutions for more than 20 years, supporting the recruiting efforts of more than 2,000 large and medium-sized companies. “POSITIVE” and “STAFFBRAIN,” integrated human resource software developed in-house. We provide one-stop integrated solutions tailored to customers’ needs, such as consulting, system implementation, system operation and maintenance, outsourcing, and cloud services.

ERP Solutions

We offer ERP packages to help manufacturing, media content and various sectors and industries achieve desired levels of efficiency and sophistication for the mission critical operation. These include global-standard core systems like “SAP® ERP” and “AMMIC®,” a Japanese multisite production and cost management system. We combine these with software and templates developed in-house to provide ERP solutions that achieve a balance between functionality and cost. For the media content industry, for example, we provide software developed in-house, such as proprietary templates, a monthly fee-based “SAP ERP” service called “Business ACXEL for SAP ERP” and “Business SPECTRE,” a data leveraging solution; application management outsourcing (AMO) services; and global deployment support. In these ways, we provide one-stop solutions that range from consulting prior to ERP deployment to post-launch operations and maintenance.

Consulting Services

Digitization and globalization are transforming the business landscape; we help customers set up their operations to respond to these challenges. We present optimal solutions, including operational reforms and IT applications to help companies address upcoming challenges in a host of areas, including business planning, production strategies, cost management, service configuration, IT governance and human resource management. After rendering ISID’s comprehensive executional capabilities into solutions, our consultants work alongside customers to support their business execution, working on an ongoing partnership basis to address any new problems and support execution.

Engineering Solutions

ISID assists its customers in establishing innovative engineering processes by offering a wide range of solutions covering all areas of engineering in the manufacturing sector. Along with its leading-edge solutions for driving the next generation of manufacturing, ISID also provides solutions that help customers create new business models for their services, including aftermarkets.

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Total Support for a Broad Spectrum of Engineering Processes

ISID provides solutions for supporting mission critical tasks in the manufacturing sector: grasping market needs, planning strategic products, design, manufacturing, maintenance services and analyses of product operations data. Through business partnerships with leading software development firms in every manufacturing system, ISID offers a comprehensive service menu of implementing and maintenance operation for such as CAD / CAM / CAE, product lifecycle management (PLM), service lifecycle management (SLM) and advanced data visual display tools. In addition, ISID provides services for setting up high-performance cloud computing environments that enable customers to handle large-scale analysis associated with fluid mechanics and one-dimensional computer-aided engineering (1D CAE).

Solutions for Optimizing Production Processes through the Advanced Integration of Design and Manufacturing

Recently it has become possible to collect and visually display production-related data in real time, including manufacturing processes of entire factories along with product quality, stock, and resources, through sophisticated linkages of measurement control systems and hardware. ISID is providing solutions for optimizing all manufacturing processes with advanced integration of computer simulations, and information and measurement data in manufacturing plants. ISID also proposes manufacturing operations management (MOM) methods incorporating its original know-how to help its customers set up next-generation production environments.

Original Solutions for Facilitating Progress in MBSE

Manufacturers of cutting-edge products that feature a high level of functionality and exceptional performance are applying Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methods, which accelerate product development process with frequent computer simulations by quantifying the models of the requirements of customers and the marketplace, the functions to fulfill such requirements, and the components to realize those functions. As a global pioneer in this field, ISID developed “iQUAVIS” as a tool for displaying planning and design processes visually. It has been adopted by automakers and major manufacturers in various industries, and has gained a strong reputation as a tool for facilitating MBSE. ISID offers MBSE with the comprehensive solutions including consulting on development processes and engineering services for testing and analysis.

Screen images of “iQUAVIS”

Support for Value Creation in Services Based on IoT

Servitization, which involves selling products as services rather than simply as things, has been attracting attention in manufacturing as a means for differentiating products and boosting earnings. Developing new services by utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to understand the operational status of products and other data is now recognized as a key to competitiveness in manufacturing business in the future. ISID is helping customers create new business models with solutions that provide integrated support for SLM based on IoT platforms.

Communication IT Solutions

In recent years, the evolution of digital technology has substantially changed the nature of connections between people, the media and enterprises, as well as advertising and sales promotional communications. In response to these changes, the Dentsu Group is working proactively to augment services in the realm of digital advertising and sales promotion and toestablish new business models befitting the new era. ISID has acquired many years of expertise with system development in the field of media marketing through developing and managing Dentsu’s operational systems. Combining our knowhow of media marketing and cutting-edge technology, we support advertising and sales promotion with IT. We contribute to maximize customer equity in enterprises.

Fields of Solutions

Supporting business and marketing innovation with Dentsu Group’s unique services


Provides IT solutions such as e-commerce, social interaction and CRM to support corporate marketing activities.


Provides highly convenient services that make use of location information and various types of sensors and services that use augmented reality technology to achieve rich experiential value.


The management of rights licenses is essential to the global distribution of digital content. We provide solutions that address this factor, as well as such media-related issues as connections between mass and social media and the development of next-generation media.

Case Study in Our Offering

Social Voice Analysis Service Focused on Marketing in Southeast Asia

ISID established the “Data Intelligence Center” in its subsidiary in Singapore as a dedicated data science organization focused on marketing in Southeast Asian countries. Data scientists who are well-versed in these countries’ market environments will assist companies that are developing business in Southeast Asian by collecting and analyzing big data with artificial intelligence technology. Also they provide the consulting service to support corporate marketing activities.

Digital Curation Service with AI Technology

ISID and RAPPA, Inc., which is a subsidiary of UBIC, formed a business alliance, starting to jointly support the introduction of an artificial intelligence-based digital curation service. This service is capable to recommend stores and products that suit individual users’ preferences based on analysis of various comments and reviews posted on the Internet by using AI technology.