Our Business

ISID Solutions

ISID’s focuses range from specialized systems for specific industries to operational systems that can be used byvarious types of businesses and on to platforms that facilitate communications with consumers. We combine leading-edge technologies with the comprehensive capabilities of the Dentsu Group to provide optimal solutions and engage proactively in the development of new, next-generation services.


Financial Solutions : We contribute to the growth of financial industry by providing our IT solutions, including systems to support globalization of financial business, systems incorporating leading-edge financial engineering, and a platform that facilitatecommunication between financialinstitutions and people.
Business Solutions : We provide solutions that support the foundation of every business, such as accounting, corporate management, human capital and ERP. We assist our clients to carry out “Global & Group Management” by providing IT services and overseas networks built upon our extensive knowledge and expertise.
Engineering Solutions : We support customers in establishing innovative engineering processes by offering a wide range of solutions which cover all areas of engineering in manufacturing. We also provide services that contribute to creations of new business models.
Communication IT Solutions : We provide IT platforms that are the core of integrated marketing solutions offered by the Dentsu Group, and facilitate new types of communication in the digitalization age that links enterprises, media and people together.

Strategic Focuses

Global Network : Through our four overseas regional locations (North America, Europe, China and Southeast Asia), ISID provides IT solutions tailored to the different needs, legal regulations and business customs in each region, with Japan-quality services and local support capabilities.
Internet of Things / Big Data : ISID accelerates business development in the areas of IoT and Big Data. We are leveraging our strengths in the marketing and manufacturing fields to offer high-value-added solutions.
Innovation for 2020 & Beyond : We are reinforcing our ties with Dentsu which has been named as the exclusive marketing agent for the upcoming TokyoOlympic and Paralympic Games, andother group companies under its wing.Through our efforts, we will leverage the power of IT to support Japan’s ongoinggrowth to 2020 and beyond.

ISID Strengths

Advanced, Unique DNA Created by Dentsu and GE

Since the establishment of ISID as a joint venture between Dentsu and GE, ISID has grown as a group of exceptional IT experts, with cross-breeding ideas and creativity that is based on advanced information technologies.
We work directly with top-ranked Japanese financial institutions and manufacturing companies to provide advanced IT solutions, in response to the changing business environment.Formed as a combination of companies with some of the world’s most distinctive features, ISID is imbued with a spirit of challenge as it takes on advanced business domains.

IT Professionals in Finance, Manufacturing, and Corporate Management

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Algorithm trading systems that respond to increasingly high-speed, complicated financial trading markets
  • Systems that support financial and risk management, for financial institutions
  • Product development solutions that innovate production by manufacturers competing in the global market
  • Software and consulting services that support the use of management and human resources information and support the core assets of a company.

The perspective of a specialist who knows more than the customer is indispensable for creating systems that support specialized operations. In each domain, we have professionals who know business and can engage with customers’ on their level. This is the strength of ISID.

Marketing & IT: Two Areas of Knowledge that Create Unlimited Value

To take advantage of cloud computing, mobile devices, social media, and big data, IT knowledge is now a critical component in the areas of advertising and marketing. Even in the financial and manufacturing business, there is a growing need to incorporate user perspectives.The Dentsu Group is the only corporate group in the world with substantial strengths in both marketing and IT. We are engaged in a variety of projects such as to implement CRM systems for major consumer goods manufacturer and IT system to enhance bank internet channels, and so on.

Developing New Businesses through Exhaustive Research and Development

We are engaged in research and development in a wide range of areas, and are always ready to see one step ahead of the customer and create new value that meets customer needs.
This is the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), when everything is connected to the Internet. ISID is developing next-generation solutions that provide the world’s most advanced, big data-based technologies to predict the failure of products and equipment with a high degree of accuracy. It is also developing sensing infrastructure to accelerate the spread of IoT.
We are working on toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. And, looking beyond, we want to support the creation of new businesses in corporations and municipal authorities with the power of IT together with Dentsu. We will forge ahead along unknown paths, by combining such knowledge, acquired through research and development, in areas including urban development, tourism, and film.

Global Market Creation: a Network of 11 Subsidiaries in 7 Countries

We established our first overseas subsidiary in London in 1986 and, by 2000, we had spread to North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. As of January 2016, we have expanded our overseas subsidiary network to 11 locations in 7 countries. We create systems for the overseas branches of megabanks and provide mission critical systems developed in response to local needs.
We also work in conjunction with Dentsu overseas affiliates to provide digital marketing and CRM solutions. In 2014, we launched efforts to begin cultivating new markets with the establishment of a specialized organization to deliver ISID value to local corporations.