Our Business

ISID Strengths

Advanced, Unique DNA Created by Dentsu and GE

Since the establishment of ISID as a joint venture between Dentsu and GE, ISID has grown as a group of exceptional IT experts, with cross-breeding ideas and creativity that is based on advanced information technologies. We work directly with top-ranked Japanese financial institutions and manufacturing companies to provide advanced IT solutions, in response to the changing business environment. Formed as a combination of companies with some of the world’s most distinctive features, ISID is imbued with a spirit of challenge as it takes on advanced business domains.

IT Professionals in Finance, Manufacturing, and Corporate Management

Our expertise encompasses:
・Algorithm trading systems that respond to increasingly high-speed, complicated financial trading markets
・Engineering processes that innovate manufacturing
・Management and human resource information platforms that are the foundation of corporate activities
The perspective of a specialist who knows more than the customer is indispensable for creating systems that support specialized operations. In each domain, we have professionals who know business and can engage with customers’ on their level. This is the strength of ISID.

Global Market Creation: a Network in four regions

We established our first overseas subsidiary in London in 1986 and, by 2000, we had spread to North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia, and since then we have been expanding our presence in these regions. We collaborate with multiple global partners, and provide IT solutions that conform to regulations and business customs that differ in each region with Japan-quality services and local promotion systems.

Developing New Businesses through Exhaustive Research and Development

We are engaged in research and development in a wide range of areas, and are always ready to see one step ahead of the customer and create new value that meets customer needs. We are accelerating the creation of new businesses focused on 2020 and beyond, applying the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, AI and robotics in a wide range of areas, including manufacturing, finance, regional invigoration and sports.

Synagy with the Dentsu Group

Amid accelerating digital transformations in all aspects of corporate activities, ISID works with Dentsu Group companies to build new business models integrating corporate systems and digital marketing. The Dentsu Group is the only corporate group in the world with substantial strengths in both marketing and IT.

ISID Business

ISID supports digital transformation with solid technological and creative capabilities. We create new value that contributes to our clients’ business through solutions cultivated in four business areas.

Financial Solutions

ISID provides financial institutions with solutions, including core banking systems, that support client’s global businesses. We also offer market-based solutions that implement cutting-edge financial engineering; corporate finance solutions that optimize lending and leasing operations; as well as solutions that strengthen and expand customer contact in retail operations.
Further, by having leveraged our efforts in the fintech domain over the years, we support a wide range of financial service businesses in general operating companies, as well as business transformation in financial institutions.

Main Solutions

Core banking
  • GBS II: back office system for overseas bank branches
  • Stream-R: liquidity management system for BOJ-NET
Capital markets
  • Capital market dealing systems
  • Risk management systems

Corporate finance

  • BANK-R: next-generation loan solution
  • Lamp: lease and finance operation management package
Retail communications
  • BANK-R Contact Center: integrated CRM system
  • Salesforce: cloud business application

Business Solutions

ISID has supported the core operations of clients in various industries for many years.
Many companies have adopted our proprietary solutions, including STRAVIS, a consolidated accounting software; accounting and business management solutions such as Ci*X Expense, an expense settlement system as well as POSITIVE and STAFFBRAIN, for human capital management.
In addition, we provide one-stop solutions, from business consulting to operation and maintenance, including ERP global rollout and cloud utilization.
Through ISID’s abundant experience and know-how related to these core operations, we promote the realization of Smart-Enterprises.

Main Solutions

Group management administration
  • STRAVIS: consolidated accounting software
  • Ci*X Expense: expense settlement system
  • Ci*X Journalizer: automated journalizing system
  • Oracle EPM, CCH Tagetik: company management solution
  • Oracle E-Business Suite: integrated accounting solution
Human capital management
  • POSITIVE: integrated HCM solution
  • STAFFBRAIN: integrated HR solution
  • SAP S/4HANA: ERP package
  • BusinessSPECTRE: SAP data linkage framework

Manufacturing Solutions

As the leading provider of digital engineering solutions, ISID provides product development process consulting, CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM software introduction/deployment support, and model based systems engineering (MBSE) support services.
In recent years, we have built smart factories that optimize the entire production process; expanded solutions that support service area, operational reform, including in the aftermarket; and supported a broad range of operations in the manufacturing industry.

Main Solutions

Engineering processes
  • Development process consulting
  • iQUAVIS: concept design support system
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE
  • Mechanical product performance simulations
  • Virtual reality simulations
  • Experimental data measurement and analysis
Smart factories
  • Digital manufacturing solutions
  • Robotics
  • Production logistics simulations
  • R-3D: global process design support system
After-sales services
  • PDX: failure prediction specialized analysis framework
  • Field service solutions
  • IoT platforms

Communication IT

Drawing on ISID’s experience in reforming workstyles in the Dentsu Group and building various core systems related to Group management, we provide optimal IT solutions to corporate management issues.
In addition, marketing know-how cultivated by the Dentsu Group is combined with ISID’s cutting-edge technology implementation capabilities to support the digital transformation of client companies and society as a whole.

Main Solutions

ICT platform
  • Core system construction
  • Outsourcing, operation, and maintenance services
  • UiPath: RPA software
  • RPA Conductor: RPA management tool
  • AppGuard: endpoint security solution
Digital marketing
  • iPLAss: marketing platform
  • Customer management, and marketing automation
  • LINE integration services
  • FACERE: smartphone and online development platform


  • DigSports: athletic ability measurement system

X(Cross) Innovation

In areas where ISID has strengths, such as fintech, digital marketing, smart enterprises, and manufacturing innovations, we are working to promote X Innovation (Cross Innovation), which goes beyond the boundaries of technology, industry, companies, and regions.

Joint Venture to Operate Fintech Base

ISID and Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., incorporated the operational entity FINOLAB, which had been jointly operated for some time, to establish FINOLAB Inc. in July 2019.
The new company will continue to manage and further strengthen the existing FINOLAB community, construct the FINOLAB SANDBOX (tentatative name), a base for business creation combining an online environment with physical facilities, and establish a system for quickly introducing and evaluating the latest fintech services created by startups.
This is expected to result in numerous innovations, and to function as a starting point for delivering actual services to society.

Business Venture with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

In June 2018, ISID and its subsidiary iTiD Consulting, Ltd. established Two Pillars GmbH, a joint venture with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe’s largest applied research organization.
The venture will develop business in the model based systems engineering (MBSE) area. Targeting the European manufacturing industry, the venture develops advanced MBSE support functions based on iQUAVIS, ISID’s conceptual design tool, and provides consulting services based on CONSENS, an MBSE method developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design IEM.

Alliance with FA Products for Smart Factories

In March 2019, ISID entered into a capital and business alliance with FA products Inc., which is engaged in advanced initiatives in smart factories.
ISID and FA Products will jointly develop and offer package solutions that support the construction of innovative production lines by using digital twin technology in manufacturing. We will combine ISID’s knowledge regarding MBSE as applied in conceptual design with FA Products’ expertise in facilities and operations in manufacturing.

Investment in Personal Data Bank Company

In December 2018, ISID acquired a stake in My Data Intelligence Inc. (MDI), which develops personal data bank solutions.
MDI had been established by Dentsu Tec Inc. in September 2018 to develop marketing services to benefit both consumers and companies. This is done by consolidating and managing the variety of consumer personal data under a single ID.
The investment will strengthen existing ties between both companies and heighten the Dentsu Group’s competitive advantage in the personal data bank market by accelerating support for IT in particular.

Project Takumi-Tech Transfers Artisan Ability Using AI

The ISID Open Innovation Lab (INNOLAB) and Dentsu have launched Project Takumi-Tech, a skill succession initiative utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies. It will facilitate the transfer of skills from experienced artisans in industries for which skill succession is an issue, due to Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population.
As part of the initiative, INNOLAB teamed up with Sojitz Corporation to develop TUNA SCOPE, a system to assess the quality of wild tuna by using AI to observe cross-sectional images of their tailfins. This helps in the transfer of tuna evaluation skills, a field with a serious lack of successors. Proof of concept of the system was conducted in March 2019.

DigSports Uses AI to Determine Athletic Ability

The DigSports system went on the market in August 2019. It uses sensors to automatically measure children’s physical capabilities, and uses AI to instantly determine their athletic ability and suggest sports for which they are best suited.
Sales to local municipalities, sports facilities, and event operators have been launched nationwide. Through DigSports, ISID will help boost children’s motivation to play sports, and help revitalize local communities through sports.