Our Business

ISID Strengths

Advanced, Unique DNA Created by dentsu and GE

Since its establishment as a joint venture between Dentsu Inc. (now Dentsu Group Inc.) and General Electric Company (GE), ISID has grown to become a group of exceptional IT professionals who combine their best ideas and creativity, based on cutting-edge technologies.

We work directly with Japanese financial institutions, manufacturers, and blue-chip corporations to provide advanced IT solutions supporting client company growth. ISID DNA is the result of the company having combined with global entities imbued with some of the most distinctive features and a pioneering spirit to explore the possibilities of technology.

Business Knowledge x IT Implementation Capabilities

The perspective of a specialist, who has exhaustive business knowledge and can accurately implement technologies, is indispensable for building solutions that support specialized business operations. The solutions include customer contact point innovations in retail, corporate transactions at financial institutions, engineering processes that innovate manufacturing, as well as management and human resource information platforms that are the foundation of corporate activities.

Our extensive business knowledge and IT implementation capabilities enable us to work with client companies on an equal footing. This is one of ISID’s strengths.

Research and Development Capabilities

ISID is constantly looking one step ahead of the times to create new value that will realize corporate and social transformations. We integrate our knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and human resources to develop new solutions. This we do by researching and applying advanced services from Japan and abroad in digital engagement, smart society, AI, enterprise xR and other domains.

We also offer proprietary products in human resources, accounting, product development and other areas. Through proactive research and development, ISID supports the resolution of client company issues.

Synergy with the Dentsu Group

By transcending the boundaries of advertising and marketing, the Dentsu Group aims to realize client company business growth and help create a better society. Amid accelerating digital transformations in all aspects of corporate activities, ISID plays a central role in the Dentsu Group’s DX business, leveraging Group synergies to build new business models that realize societal and corporate transformations.

Global Market Creation

We established our first overseas subsidiary in London in 1986 and, by 2000, we had spread to North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. We collaborate with multiple global partners, and provide IT solutions that conform to regulations and business customs that differ in each region with Japan-quality services and local promotion systems.

ISID Business

ISID supports digital transformation with solid technological and creative capabilities. We create new value that contributes to our clients’ business through solutions cultivated in four business areas.

Financial Solutions

ISID provides financial institutions with solutions, including core banking systems, that support clients’ global businesses. We also offer market-based solutions that implement cutting-edge financial engineering; corporate finance solutions that optimize lending and leasing operations; as well as solutions that strengthen and expand customer contact in retail operations, corporate transactions.
In recent years, we have provided a wide range of support to facilitate innovative changes in the business operations of financial institutions through digital transformation. At the same time, we have cleared the way for general operating companies to undertake business in the area of financial services.

Main Solutions

Core banking
  • GBS II: back office system for overseas bank branches
  • Stream-R: liquidity management system for BOJ-NET
Capital markets
  • Capital market dealing systems
  • Risk management systems
Corporate finance
  • BANK-R: next-generation loan solution
  • Lamp: lease and finance operation management package
Retail communications
  • Digital banking, cashless payment, regional digital transformation(DX)
  • Salesforce: solution for the digital transformation of customer contact points

Business Solutions

ISID has supported the core operations of clients in various industries for many years. A large number of companies in Japan, chief among them being major Japanese corporations, have adopted our proprietary solutions, including POSITIVE, an integrated HCM solution for human capital management; STRAVIS, a consolidated accounting software; and Ci*X, an integrated accounting solutions series.
In recent years, we have actively supported the utilization of systems in cloud environments, while providing a variety of services that include the outsourcing of operations associated with the formulation of consolidated accounting statements. Through ISID’s excellent track record and abundant expertise related to these core operations, we contribute to advancing client corporate group management.

Main Solutions

Human capital management
  • POSITIVE: integrated HCM solution
  • STAFFBRAIN: integrated HR solution
Group management administration
  • STRAVIS: consolidated accounting software
  • CCH Tagetik, Oracle EPM: company management solution
  • Ci*X Financials: group integrated accounting system
  • Ci*X Expense: expense settlement system
  • Ci*X Journalizer: automated journalizing system
  • Ci*X Workflow: workflow system
  • Oracle E-Business Suite: integrated accounting solution

Manufacturing Solutions

To facilitate digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, ISID provides a variety of software and services focusing on product development area, which has been our core strengths. In the realm of product planning and development, our offerings include DX consulting services, the development of cutting-edge design environments using 3D CAD and simulation technologies, and the implementation of MBSE(model-based systems engineering).
With regard to manufacturing and maintenance services, we also provide a wide variety of support such as the implementation of smart factories that optimize entire production processes, the launch of new business including aftermarket services, and the innovation of business operations through the integration of various platforms with AI and RPA technologies. With these efforts, we contribute to our clients' businesses in both aspects of product and service developments.

Main Solutions

Core area for product development
  • DX consulting
  • iQUAVIS: concept design support system
  • MADe:Failure diagnostics design software
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Product performance simulations and testing
  • i-SPiDM: streamlining experiment/analysis processes and managing relevant data
  • VDX Studio: virtual evaluation studio for the development of next-generation mobility
Smart factories
  • Digital manufacturing solutions
  • Robotics and Production logistics simulations
  • R-3D: global process design support system
New businesses launch/After sales services
  • Consulting services
  • Field service solutions
Application of AI technologies and platforms
  • TexAIntelligence: AI-based solution for automatic text search, classification and summarization
  • OpTApf: User-driven AI model development and automatic deployment
  • IoT/Low Code Development Platforms

Communication IT

ISID provides optimal IT solutions for domestic social and corporate management issues, based on our experiences in building and implementing various core business activity support systems at a diverse range of companies in Japan, including the Dentsu Group companies.
We maximize the Group synergy by combining the creativity of the other Group companies with ISID’s capabilities for implementing cutting-edge technologies. In this way, we support digital transformation that extends throughout our clients’ supply chains, encompassing a range of sectors, from marketing to mission-critical operations.

Main Solutions

ICT platform
  • Core system construction, outsourcing, operation and maintenance services
  • UiPath: RPA software
  • AppGuard: endpoint security solution
Digital marketing
  • iPLAss: marketing platform
  • Customer management, and marketing automation
  • LINE integration services
SAP solution
  • SAP S/4HANA: ERP package
  • Panaya: SAP impact analysis and testing platform
  • BusinessSPECTRE: SAP BI template
  • ADISIGHT-ACS: an item-specific, actual-cost simulation system
  • EMPHASIGHT: a management monitoring solution
  • Snowflake: data cloud
  • OutSystems: low-code platform

X(Cross) Innovation

We apply advanced technologies in a wide range of categories, including manufacturing, finance, and smart cities. Meanwhile, we are working to facilitate X (cross) innovation that transcends technological, industrial, corporate, and regional boundaries.

Okaneno-Sherpa: for Corporate Defined Contribution Pensions

ISID and its subsidiary, ISID Fairness, Ltd. have launched Okaneno-Sherpa which facilitates the management of corporate defined contribution pension systems and provides asset-building support for employees throughout their employment.
The service provides employees with a web application and consultation channels to quickly obtain the information they need to manage their assets. At the same time, it provides labor managers with monitoring reports and other sources of information, enabling them to assess products currently being utilized. Okaneno-Sherpa offers total asset-building support for employees of companies that have adopted defined contribution pension systems, while also providing comprehensive support for corporate organizations as they manage these systems.

Teletherapy System Receives 2021 Good Design Award

The VR-based Teletherapy System for Phantom Limb Pain* (jointly designed and developed by ISID's Open Innovation Lab and Kids Holdings Co., Ltd.) received a Good Design Award (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion) in 2021.
The VR-based system enables patients suffering phantom limb pain and therapists in remote locations to communicate using the same VR space while visually sharing their respective positions and movements. By eliminating the need to visit therapists in person, this system enables patients to receive therapy no matter where they are.

  • *
    Phantom limb pain: A condition that causes patients who have lost limbs or suffered nerve damage, due to an accident or illness, to feel pain in their missing extremities or impaired nerves.

Establishment of Smart Society Center

In August 2021, we set up a Smart Society Center in our X Innovation Center (a division with companywide reach), to promote businesses that address social issues related to the establishment of smart cities, municipal digital transformation, and decarbonization.
The center combines the knowledge and technologies we have acquired through extensive experience related to the construction of ICT infrastructure for towns, the digitalization of municipal administrative services, and support for consensus-building platforms grounded in civic participation. By fusing these attributes, the center enables us to focus on sustainable urban development by taking a company-wide approach, ranging from consulting services to support for the implementation of IT-based solutions.

AI Monitoring System for Asset-based loans

With cooperation from The Kagoshima Bank, Ltd., a joint project team formed by ISID, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Shinshu University, Farmnote Inc., TechnoPro, Inc., and Sony Group Corporation has launched a demonstrative experiment regarding application of the AI-based range cattle monitoring system "PETER" to asset-based loans. This experiment is taking place at a livestock farm on Kuroshima Island in Taketomi Town, Okinawa.
The PETER system, which leverages Edge AI and low-power, wide-area (LPWA) network technology, is expected to facilitate proper and efficient execution of asset-based lending and contribute to sustainable livestock management.

Dentsu DX Ground Supports Enhanced Cloud Integration

ISID and Dentsu Digital Inc. have launched Dentsu DX Ground to support integration and application of cloud solutions for the establishment of digital transformation platforms, initially in marketing-related fields.
Currently, Dentsu DX Ground is an intergroup organization, comprising more than 700 specialists from nine companies, including both ISID and Dentsu Digital, as well as Dentsu and six other group companies. Dentsu DX Ground proposes and implements multi-cloud integration strategies that meet customer needs by enlisting assistance from software and service providers such as Salesforce, GoogleCloud, AWS, and Adobe, as well as through data analysis, the construction of data-relatedinfrastructure, and the effective application of data.