Message from the President

Today, the world is undergoing tremendous change.
The earth faces numerous problems—climate change,food and energy shortages, and environmental issues. Particularly in Japan, the society is experiencing problems to be solved such as declining population caused by low birthrate and longevity, and saturated demand as Japanese economy matures.
A new era has come.
Companies are advancing their own business models further in order to adapt to the new social environment,where the behavior patterns of consumers and market change.

Setsuo Kamai, President and Chief Operating Officer

Since its establishment in 1975, ISID has set out our mission statement:
ISID is dedicated to significantly contribute to the prosperity of our clients and society by the judicious application of information technologies, working as a team of professionals who are always creative and innovative.
Facing a new era, ISID is keenly aware of our responsibilities, that is, promoting customer innovations and contributing to society through fulfilling our mission statement.

ISID provides IT solutions to many Japanese industry leaders in the financial, manufacturing and service sectors.
We have built up our strengths by accumulating experiences in working closely with customers to resolve the business issues they face.
We have cultivated these strengths, which are “understanding our customers'businesses”, “identifying problems” and “providing IT solutions”.
The strengths underpin ISID’s corporate vision: “Market Creation,” “Best Solution through Best Practice,” and “The Key Asset, Human Resources.”
ISID strives toward the goal by pursuing the possibility of innovative information technology: realizing and providing solutions with “Customer Insight”, which is the ability to identify profound business issues, and improving the quality of service to customers with our efforts of developing our human resources.

The social environment keeps changing. Therefore, our customer’s problems seem to become more complex in the future.
As the best partner, ISID will contribute to society by supporting the further innovation of our customers.

Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.
President and CEO
Setsuo Kamai